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Tribute Page for Lt. Eric Eslary

Chief Matrunics Chief Matrunics' Blog
From the desk of the Ligonier Twp.
Chief of Police

From the Desk of Ligonier Township Police Chief Michael Matrunics
I would like to begin this newsletter by informing you of two new additions to the Ligonier Township Police Department. My staff consisted of only seven officers working around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the limited numbers, it created difficulty in covering these shifts. It became difficult when situations occurred, like illnesses, injuries, call offs or just covering special functions where multiple officers are needed. The first officer I would like to tell you about is Kevin Smith. Patrolman Smith is a veteran officer who recently worked with the Seward Police Department. He works full time in the mining industry and works as a police officer part time because he loves doing the work. His work experience during all of his life endeavors brings this department some valuable experience. I feel Patrolman Smith's personality and demeanor is a great fit for this department in how he handles and treats the public. The second officer I would like to talk about is Chase Mollomo. Patrolman Mollomo is a local resident who graduated from Ligonier Valley High School. He served his country in the Army, ultimately being an MP. During his service he completed several tours in Afghanistan. He currently works with the Derry Police Department. He is a rookie officer, only being on the job a few months. He shows excitement and eagerness to learn. I was very impressed with the respect he has with the command chain and the public. He will be in training for several months before handling shifts on his own. With all that being said, he will be another great asset to this department. The third topic I would like to mention is the importance of marking your house and private lane. I am requesting again that residents please mark or identify your home and private lanes with proper house numbering and lane names. This has been an issue in this community for many years. Please understand the importance of this request and help the above new officers find your residence. They have enough to learn let alone trying to find your residence when there is a call for help. Keep in mind this helps all emergency services. If you have questions, or need recommendations on how to mark your homes, please feel free to call my office.  
Posted Wednesday, March 18, 2015

News from the Ligonier Township Police
Due to the increase in the number of dog complaints we would like to take this opportunity to remind residents of state dog laws. All dogs must be kept secured either by leash, kennel, fence, etc. Owners and/or handlers must maintain control of dogs at all times. This is not only in the best interest of the pet owner, but also for the safety of the pet. Pet owners are also encouraged to show respect and courtesy to neighbors when walking their dogs. Please be sure to clean up all feces after your dog. If your dog is an outside pet, please be certain that it is property housed and protected from inclement weather, in both the heat of summer and the cold of winter. In any case, your dog must have proper shelter, bedding, food and water at all times. Additionally, I would like to remind residents that Ligonier Township is a recognized medication collection site. There is a collection box located inside the lobby of the Ligonier Township Municipal Building. Medications, whether prescription or over the counter, can be dropped off. If you have questions, please feel free to call my office at 724-238-5105.  
Posted Tuesday, February 3, 2015

K-9 Officer Blek Kilo's Blog
The Ligonier Twp. K-9 officer

Gun Bash Fundraiser
It's that time of year again!! We are having a gun bash to support the Ligonier K-9 Unit(myself, Kilo), Latrobe K-9 Unit(fellow K-9, Zeus), and Waterford Fire Department. Please help support these services by buying a ticket and coming to have fun at the event!!! To view ticket
 Click Here

Posted Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kilo School Presentation
On January 9, 2018 my partner and I got to speak to the 8th grade health class at the Ligonier Valley middle school about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Thanks again for having us!!! To see Mr.Podlucky wearing the bite sleeve  Click Here

Posted Thursday, February 1, 2018

K-9 Apparel
My Ligonier Township Police K-9 shirts and sweatshirts will be available for purchase on September 20th to continue to fund my K-9 program. I will have a variety of sizes, including youth sizes. Tee shirts are $20 and sweatshirts are $30. All proceeds will be used to fund the K-9 program. They are a dark charcoal grey. If you would like one please stop by the Ligonier Township Building and see my co-worker, Roxanne.  Here is a picture

Posted Thursday, September 8, 2016


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A mail slot is available for any Municipal Authority (water or sewage) payments and real estate (property) tax payments after normal business hours. Please DO NOT deposit payments for the Pennsylvania Municipal Service Company or Berkheimer Earned Income Tax.

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